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18.08.2008 Finally, I became the proud owner of this car. And I thank Nikolai (salon director) for helping
fulfill my next dream. Pontovatsya-most it! Long chose the car. Having passed the indicated mileage, I was waiting for this moment, now I was one on one with a whole herd, what happened next cannot be described in words, having found the smoothest and longest section of the country road, I decided to find out the limit of my car or roads, from the first attempt in one direction I was able to accelerate to 362 km / h and the first the same damage, vomited about the ox well, on the pavement, a piece of the front spoiler (when the car is driving at a speed of more than 300 km / h, the automation presses it to the ground and the clearance is only 6 cm (!) Under normal conditions, 12.5), while I want to note that it is quite quiet in the cabin, the suspension is harsh , but not
it’s furious like on a Zonda, the interior trim simply doesn’t exist, all possible additions are discussed, but this does not affect the cost, of course, the car gathers a crowd anywhere, and not from boys, because to see such a miracle live, but it’s also quite difficult to take a picture, as I know now there are 2 such cars in Russia, the 3rd one will come soon (a friend also ordered it), and one of them was broken, they were robbed on the first day in Moscow (the owner wanted to wash it). However, Focus is not ours. The next day, I was happy to go with my Veyron to the training ground, to get acquainted with the car, the salon manager handed me the keys and explained all the main functions. And so I was one on one with him, I started the engine, but it was quite quiet in the cabin, I tried the first start from a standstill, even in this mode the acceleration was such that I didn’t have time to exhale and the speedometer needle crept up to 240 km / h, then it was turn, and sharply pressing the brake, I was surprised how early I braked, the brakes are super, the acceleration is even better, my happiness knew no bounds, I was like a boy with my favorite toy, that day I drove all the way to the training ground, but I couldn’t wait for the desired mileage on the odometer, the next day I was already following the car transporter to my place in Tyumen, there was not a single thought in my head, except for the thought of the car. 08/11/2017 Cool car. I want poedlitsya impressions of the first month of owning this car. I have owned it for 2 years, in principle, there are no problems. Wanted Hyundai Solaris or Ford Focus. 09/25/2006 Greetings to all readers, I am perhaps one of the few sinners on this planet, life has allowed me to purchase this work of art, I am a longtime fan of p. more Let’s start with what I was waiting for. more And here, as in any barrel of honey, there is a small but fly in the ointment: 1- this is a natural service, all minor maintenance work can be done in Moscow, but something more serious, you will have to take the car to Europe or call a personal manager, it is assigned to of course, the guarantee is preserved, but I don’t know when the service will appear in Russia, now with a run of 14700 km, after 5000 MOT, the cost is not so high (in Germany the cost is 2342 euros, with the call of the master 4000 euros) , however, the joy of pleasure and control of such a work of automotive art costs money and, in my opinion, not much. Volkswagen installed the program on the key and the first 800 km, the car will not let you
the opportunity to feel all 1001 hp (in general, there is also a speed key in the kit, it is he who allows these transcendental 407 km / h to be developed), so when I got behind the wheel I was waiting for a speedy start from a place, I wanted to drive these 800 km on the same day .

Guidelines about Bugatti Veyron

Greetings to all readers, I may be one of the few sinners on this planet, life allowed me to purchase this work of art, I am a longtime fan of sports cars, since my favorite work and income allow me to get only the best, when was the first time back in 1989, I drove a Lambo-Countach in Austria, this trip did not go out of my head, and at the first opportunity I dragged it to Russia, it was 1994 and the car was just a cosmic, 2-year-old Diablo? Since then, there have been many different sports cars, of the latter I would like to mention only the Mclaren F-1, but when I saw the Veyron for the first time in Paris, I decided that I should have this car, but alas, no matter how hard I tried, they didn’t accept orders anywhere, until by accident in Moscow, I didn’t come across an ad for the sale, I couldn’t believe it, but after talking on the phone, everything became clear, the car was in production and it had to wait 8 months, but there was no prepayment, and this time went painfully for a long time and now, after 6 months, the long-awaited call, the car in Moscow, I fly to Moscow on the very first flight, I arrive at the underground parking lot and here it is standing on the car transporter in words that cannot be described (although the car was still in the transport package), beauty, shape, silhouette . class is the best car I have ever seen and drive And 2nd, the car has a too small gas tank with a volume of only 200 liters, with a consumption at a speed of 300 km / h – 1l – 1 kmA, there is still a burning desire to repair all the roads lying in the district of the region, so that one early morning the passport speed of 407 km / h is still developed, while not damaging either oneself or the car.

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