iSK S600


Fitur iSK S600 :

S600 condenser microphone with internal patented technology, precision all-electronic circuit control and Ф25mm diameter large film sound head, with a good heart-shaped pickup and high sensitivity output, low noise, wide dynamic range
– Ф25mm diameter with a large film sound head;
– special sound head and structural design, the use of computer sound card 5V power supply and 48V fantasy power dual-use, built-in switch, easy to use;
– good line design, with high sensitivity, low noise, wide dynamic range and other characteristics;
– body and shock mount aluminum alloy design, greatly reducing the weight of the product;
– ultra-luxurious shock-proof frame and integrated metal spray-proof cover design, improve product quality;
– body and shock mount using oxidation-level surface treatment process to enhance the product surface texture.

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